Our Jewelry Factory in Bangkok Thailand offers a silver chain for silver pendant at wholesale prices. it's known also as sterling 925 silver chains. On PDF file You can see all our silver chain designs, on excel file you can see the same silver chain with prices and make an order. If You don't see some design with prices please send as massage and we will replay to You 


Price and Order - download catalog in excel and send us back with Your order

Ball Chain.jpg

Ball Chains - Silver Chain

Curb Chain.jpg

Curb Chain - Silver Chain

Foxtail Chain.jpg

Foxtail Chain - Silver Chain

Spike Chain.jpg

Spike Chain - Silver Chain

Rope Chain.jpg

Rope  Chain - Silver Chain

Box Chain.jpg

Box Chain - Silver Necklace

Figaro Chain.jpg

Figaro Chains - Silver Necklace

Pop Corn Chain.jpg

Pop Corn Chain - Silver Necklace

Rollo Chain.jpg

Rollo Chain - Silver Necklace

Hammerred Chain.jpg

R. Hummerred Chains

Cable Chain.jpg

Cable Chain - Silver Chain

Franco Chain.jpg

Franco Chain - Silver Chain

Rope Chain.jpg

Rope Chain - Silver Chain

Snake Chain.jpg

Snake Chain - Silver Chain

Other Chain.jpg

Other Chains - Silver Chain

925 Sterling silver necklace chains.
Sterling silver chains collection you can shop from us are:
On page You can find and make wholesale orders of sterling silver chain necklaces (not made in italy) but the quality same as Italian and our silver jewelry, we don't have gold chains only silver 925. The Chains are same as sterling silver jewelry NICKEL FREE.
What type of chains we have: 
Box, Curb, Rope, Snake, Cuban, Cable, and other sterling silver necklace. All of the is for men and women and can use to put pendant and pendants.
The sizes of silver chains we make in CM and MM
More info in our Blog Post

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1800 -1808 Charan Sanitwong, Soi 75, Bangkok, 10700.


Factory:  +66(0)2-880-3543

Mobile +66(0)84-70-75-600

Mobile +66(0)87-593-1010​

WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat

ORIO Retail -

About ORIO Jewelry

ORIO wholesale  jewelry is operating Under Thailand Government Company Law as:



"ORIO Jewelry" is a Trade Mark (TM) Register Under Thailand Company " FINEST JUNCTION CO., LTD."


ORIO Jewelry is Jewelry factory in Thailand that member of THAILAND  JEWELRY ASSOCIATIONS.

FINEST JUNCTION CO., LTD. Wholesale jewelry supplier has permission to export Gold Jewellry and Silver Jewellery with Diamonds Precious and semi-precious Gems and Stones. 

Product we have

Gold 18k - Gold 750 - Gold 75.0%

Gold 14k - Gold 585 - Gold 58.5%

Gold 10k - Gold 416 - Gold 41.6%

Gold 09k - Gold 375 - Gold 37.5%

Gold 08k - Gold 333 - Gold 33.3%


White Gold, Yellow Gold, Pink Gold

Silver 925 - 92.5%

Sterling Silver 925 - 92.5%