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Wholesale Gold Jewelry Thailand 2023

8k Gold Jewelry, 9k Gold Jewelry, 10k Gold Jewelry
 Wholesale Gold Jewelry 14k, Wholesale Jewelry Gold 18k. 
Colors: Yellow Gold, White Gold and Pink Gold.

Gold saphire diamond ring
Gold jewelry fashion


Classic gold jewelry with precious or semiprecious stones are most popular collection for our customers for many year. Stable demand for ruby, sapphire or emerald make this collection necessity in every jewelry shop

Wholesale gold jewelry suppliers

Demi Fine

Demi Fine collections include many designs

of small ring, earring or pendants

Some items you can order with diamonds, some with Enamel

9K gold jewelry manufacturers

Demi fine gold ring
Gold chain earrings
gold earring chain

Chain  Earring

This kind of earring  perfectly combines diamonds 

with the delicate white or yellow gold chains.

We can produce this collection with different length of chain 

10K gold jewelry manufacturers

Stud gold earrings

Stud Earring

Stud earring collection with many different designs is a best seller at all times. Our white or yellow gold stud earings setting with many small stones or with one carat diamonds, depends on design what you choose

14K gold jewelry manufacturers

Gold stud earring with diamonds
engagement gold ring


We would like to introduce beautiful Engagement rings collections

Also, you can sell this collection like wedding rings

We can manufacture 14K white gold with a central diamond or without it

18K gold jewelry manufacturers

gold pendant letters


ABC collections include letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9

You can order some letters what you exactly need with diamonds

We can manufacture 8K yellow gold or choose another carats of gold

8K gold jewelry manufacturers

gold letter pendant

Couple Rings

Couple rings collections its a two ring with similar design

One of the ring for men, with bigger stone and size

Another ring is more delicate for fragile lady

Gold jewelry wholesale

basic gold pendant


Main idea of this collection its a Stone 

Stone is a more important and we developed a special design

to emphasize the beauty of the stone

Wholesale gold jewelry

cz gold Pendant
Hoop earrings gold
hoop earrings

Hoop  Earring

Hoop its very popular style of earring all over the world

We have four types of this earring 

Also you can choose different diameter form 8mm to 20mm

8K gold jewelry supplier



Collection with kids figurines we produce specially for moms

This collection include bracelets or pendants

You can order few figurines on one bracelet with different color

of gold jewelry manufacturing

girl pendant
gold hamsa pendant
gold hamsa pendant


Hamsa or Hand of Fatimah 

symbols have been around centuries adding protection 

Discover our huge collection of Hamsa Jewelry

9K gold jewelry supplier

gold cross pendant


You can choose our gold cross collection with white or yellow gold

We can offer crosses with diamonds, ruby, emerald or sapphire

To get crosses catalog to send your email end of this page  

White gold cross necklace

gold cross diamond sapphires
zodiac gold pendant


Zodiac jewelry collection its twelve different symbols

in all their mystical glory are include gold chain

We can produce 9K yellow gold neckless with a small diamonds  

10K gold jewelry supplier

turtule gold pendan

Sea Life

So many marine creatures in this collection

This collection specially for areas near this ocean or sea 

Gold dolphins, turtles, sea stars and seahorses with diamond 

14K gold jewelry supplier

gold pendant sea
tree life gold pendant
gold pendat tree of life

Tree of Life

 The Tree of Life is an incredibly popular motif in art

It's symbolizes the evolution of nature 

and you can found it in many cultures

  wholesale suppliers jewellery

hart infinity gold pendant


 Love collection with hearts include rinds, earnings and pendants 

We can setting diamonds or precious stones

At your choice we can offer different colors of 14K gold

Wholesale costume jewellery

infinity gold pendant
gold gems ring
gold ring with real stone

Color Stones


Precious and semiprecious jewelry collection

with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and small Diamonds around

Also we can setting Amethyst, Granate, Topaz different kind of Quarts

wholesale gemstone jewellery


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all gold jewelry collections

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