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Silver Chain buy Wholsale.

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

On this post i will explain about our products of sterling silver chain necklace that we made in our jewelry factory.


Sterling silver chain collection you can shop from us are:

On our page You can find and make wholesale orders of sterling silver chain necklaces (not made in italy) but the quality same as italian and our silver jewelry, We dont have gold chains only silver 925. The Chains are same as sterling silver jewelry NICKEL FREE.

What type of chians we have: 


On our page have wide results necklace chain (Yes they can use as pendant necklace)

So what we do? : Box, Curb, Rope, Snake, Cuban, Cable and others sterling silver solid necklace.

All of the is for men and women  and can use to put pendant and pendants. The sizes of silver chains we make in CM and MM variety of items in collection some of the are diamond cut and length weight its mens not heavy and not high price to buy. 

We also use this box chain in our selection in earrings and set design of bracelets with bracelet bracelet charms and pure silver pendant necklace.

This beautiful sterling silver necklace products plated with pure real Rhodium. To order from our new online catlog you can get to link and discover cheap prices for all styles selection. We make shipping in days of order is finish and prices of metal are fixt on the day of order for london prices of solid sterling silver.

What does 925 mean on a silver chain?

The 925 mark is the 92.5% real sterling silver metals. On every pieces will including fine stamped of 925. Same mar we use on our rings and ear ings and silver necklaces.

How do you clean a 925 silver necklace?

Becose all our sterling silver mm plated with rhodium you can clean them by regular cutton. But be cerfull with curb chain necklace and diamond cut rope chain that can be difficut to do it.



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