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Wholesale jewelry China vs Thailand what the different?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

If You look on Thailand wholesale jewelry market that don makes to much fashion jewelry like china jewelry market. Thai market not procuring steel jewelry that is very famous in wholesale jewelry china market that more belong to wholesale fashion china wholesale market only. The thai jewelry wholesale buying this product to resale in smaller qty perches compare to ordering direct from China. You can look at this as Big jewelry wholesale selling to small jewelry wholesale. So what do thai jewelry manufacturers produce? 

Thai jewelry wholesaler will produce Gold and Silver jewelry but not fashion stainless steel. Mostly will be with quality Gems stones products and cheap Stones for cheap price. Thai suppliers making with cz also but cant compare to qty tha made by china suppliers.

Jewelry from china cheap and high prices can be see with many factory suppliers. ( I personally don't know to much about Korean manufacturer). 

To buy jewelry online from both Thailand and china wholesalers suppliers can be a good and bad experience as well. Do check them both very careful.  Do not pay big deposits in front to an unknown supplier. 

China jewelry wholesale what they make?

Stainless steel jewelry and costume jewelry can be found easily. Best wholesale jewelry supplier can be found in jewelry provinces all over China. To supplies, reliable costume cheap accessories earrings, rings, necklaces and earrings in bulk discount stores is the best for today's source. China's wholesale fashion jewelry made by factories and sold to various buyers from different countries that come to look for best deal and low-cost items from all around the world. (If you have some kwnolage about Korean jewelry You can comment in comment sections )

Wholesale jewelry from china can be compared to Thailand 


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