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What type of Document ORIO use?


Its document that tell You price for one pc.

Pro-Forma invoice we call it "Pro-Forma"

Pro-forma invoice is document that gives a idea to the buyer about total cost of products and services.

Pro-forma invoice is sometimes used as a seller’s declaration stating his commitment to deliver certain goods or services at the estimated price.  It can also be an advance payment against the estimated amount.


Invoice its final document that pass Thailand Custom and Your country Custom

Example for our Document System

Quotation (You ask how much this item cost?)

0001-R is 10$/pc

0002-R is 10$/pc

Pro-Forma (Let's say You want to order 5pc from each)

0001-R x 5pc = 50$

0002-R x 5pc = 50$

Total - 100$

Invoice (And when we finish order for example we finish less 1pc)

0001-R x 5pc = 50$

0002-R x 4pc = 40$

Total - 90$



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